Control Smart Home Features with (Satechi®) Bluetooth Button

Sometimes you need another button to control one specific feature in your smart home where no button/control element had been planed. Naturally, digging holes through existing walls in order to lay a new cable is not an option in most cases. I faced this scenario when trying to add another doorbell to my front door. I quickly came up with the idea to use a Bluetooth device to send a signal to some kind of controller – a Raspberry PI in my case – and trigger my KNX-based bell from there.

satechi_bt_home After doing some browsing, I decided to use a Satechi® Bluetooth Button, type Home. It looks quite nice, without any fancy design, and comes with a 3M sticker, so you can put it nearly everywhere. Unfortunately, my existing R-PI (controlling most parts of my KNX installation) was out of range, hence I had to set up a new one for the sole purpose of reacting to the Bluetooth device. The new R-PI then calls a small REST service on my old R-PI, which then triggers the door bell via a signal on the KNX bus.

bluetooth-r-pi-knxHere is a quick list of steps that I took in order to get my new door bell running:

  • Connect R-PI with Bluetooth to my home WIFI network
  • Connect/Pair Bluetooth Button to R-PI using bluetoothctl command (how to)
  • Run a small script to watch for Bluetooth connections using bluetoothctl
  • Upon connection: Call REST service in KNX R-PI

I can confirm the Satechi® Buttons to work flawlessly with the Raspbian OS installed on my PI. Of course, there is a little delay between pushing the button and the bell to ring due to the latency of Bluetooth and WIFI. However, it is quite okay for this scenario. I am pretty sure I will use the same set up for further controls, such as a central off (when leaving the house).