Controlling Home Automation via Telegram Bot

We have been moving to a different house with a KNX-based smarthome installation lately. I have spent quite some time coming up with my own visualisation and automation, mainly using a Python implementation relying on the KNXD (a fork of the well-known EIBD) software for Linux.

When I read about the new Telegram API for Bots, I got excited about the idea of creating a bot for my home automation installation. Using simple commands, I wanted to switch on/off lights, control the temperature, get status messages …


Using the Telegram documentation and my PI-based main KNX controller, it was quite easy to come a with a first prototype, which I can use to switch on and off devices. The screenshot is in German, but you can basically see how I use it to switch on my lights and some outlets. More advanced commands will follow soon. Since I have a smart watch (LG Urbane) which I can use to send Telegram messages via voice input, I can even use it as a voice-to-KNX interface without developing a special (watch) app, just relying on existing technology. (Unfortunately, I am cannot start a new chat with my bot for now, but this is a problem of the watch’s OS.)

I am quite happy with this first version and can’t wait to enhance it. Also, I am considering using this “human to machine interface technology” in enterprise/business apps. What do you think?